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All-Over Print Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Measure yourself

Product measurements may vary by up to 1" (2.5 cm)

A 1/2 chest width

B 1/2 waist width

top front length

D bottom height

E sleeve length

Tips to get right size ! For example You want to buy t shirt then pick any t shirt from your home that fits to you and measure the length, width and height as shown in above image. Then see our size guide, find the size that nearby to your measurements.

2XS14 ⅝11 ¾16 ⅛27 ½23
XS15 ⅜12 ⅝16 ⅜27 ½23 ¼
S16 ⅛13 ⅜16 ½27 ½23 ⅜
M16 ⅞14 ⅛16 ¾27 ½23 ⅝
L18 ½15 ¾16 ⅞27 ½23 ⅞
XL20 ⅛17 ⅜17 ⅛27 ½24
2XL21 ⅝18 ⅞17 ⅜27 ½24 ¼
3XL23 ¼20 ½17 ½27 ½24 ⅜
4XL24 ¾2217 ¾27 ½24 ⅝
5XL26 ⅜23 ⅝17 ⅞27 ½24 ¾
6XL2825 ¼18 ⅛27 ½25

All dimensions are given in inches | Product measurements may vary by up to 1" (2.5 cm)

Custom midi dress

(5 customer reviews)


1000 in stock

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Direct to garment at front side

Labels Use

Brand label and Company label

Style & Fit


Quality fit, extra comfort


Made with two piece of cloths

Thickness & Softness


Quality weight


Quality softness



Best for every buyers

Best Selling

That is our best selling and crowd favorite t shirt

Style & Shipment

Style & Shipment | Custom midi dress

– Brand | AOP
– Shipment | Worldwide (Fast ship and no import fee: United States, Latvia) Other countries may apply.
– Product fulfilment time | 2-5 days
– Shipping time | Delivery: US,CA 3-6, EU 5-10, Rest 7-10 Days
– Order tracking
– Free delivery if order lost by shipping company or damaged product.

– Fitting | Quality fit, extra comfort
– Best to wear | Best to wear All-Over Print midi Dress and crowed favorite.
– Look | Best casual look
– “Custom All Over” use inside DTG labels ( Use tear away brand labels in case seem outside )

Features & Instruction

Features & Instruction | Custom midi dress

– Weight | 210 gsm
– Softness level | Quality softness
– Thickness level | Quality weight
– Selling level | best selling level with complete customer satisfaction.
– Manufacturing Level | Under ethical, eco friendly and quality laws
– DTG (Direct to garment) printing technology.
– Design brightness | No change in brightness after washing.
– Machine wash cold inside-out, Gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors, Use non-chlorine bleach, only when necessary. No fabric softeners.
– Tumble dry low, or hang-dry for longest life.
– Cool iron inside-out if necessary. Do not iron decoration.
– Do not dry clean.

Tech - Description

Tech – Description | Custom midi dress

Made with polyester, spandex 95% : 5%
Fabric weight : 210 g/m²
Premium knit fabric
Have long sleeve for midi dress
Use side pockets
Neckline used for this is boat
Fitted waist with flared bottoms. You can design custom womens skater dress.

5 reviews for Custom midi dress

  1. Canaan (verified owner)

    Elevate your fashion game and leave a lasting impact with their garments.

  2. Cillian (verified owner)

    Find your fashion soulmate within the expansive array of choices they present.

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Unlock the enigma of dressing well with a touch of their expert guidance and fashion finesse.

  4. Miller (verified owner)

    Discover your personal sanctuary within their diverse collection of clothing options.

  5. Shepherd (verified owner)

    Embrace the endorsement of wearing pieces that are considered market benchmarks.

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Custom midi dress

Custom midi dress


1000 in stock