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Little facts but need to know to clear the most of issues

“Custom All Over” always try to improve the customers user experience at website and shows little facts about production process as well all the necessary facts from your order placing to your door step. We have listed many facts to know about to brainstorm your mind to meet the expectation level by “Custom All Over”. We clearly defining all these facts because some of them are natural and some of them are such that cannot be control by anyone. Thats why “Custom All Over” always try to convince the users to know these facts to built healthy relation.

1 Color corrections facts

“Custom All Over” offer 100% color accuracy for your artwork to be print at any custom product. To meet the customer expectation, we use premade color swatches to ensure exact color match after the print. To remove the difference between product at screen and physical product regarding to color, we collect the popular color and made a color pantone and print at different product to find which color looks same which can create conflict after print. Similarly we have collect many colors that looks same after print in different ranges. That’s why “Custom All Over” guaranteed 100% color accuracy after print and no difference between screen product and physical product. Below we have show list of colors that show no difference between in picture and physically.

color corrections facts

After the complete color satisfaction we cannot override the natural and uncontrol able facts regarding to color. These facts does not make such a big change but they can produce little variations in colors. These changes are hardly visible at user end but we define all the facts here to prevent any bad customer experience. These facts are:

  • Screen brightness
  • Fabric compositions
  • Brand compositions
  • Fabric blends

Screen Brightness:

Its natural in color sciences that, by increasing the screen brightness colors looks shiny and by reducing the brightness color looks fade. That simple change of brightness can put bad impact against company. For example “Custom all over “offering a color (fabric or artwork), if a customer looks that color in full brightness of computer or mobile screen then he feel that, color is little shinny and bright. But another customer looks in very less brightness then he feel color is little dark. So this fact cannot be controlled, prepare your mind to receive product in little shine or little dark. But it does not mean you get complete change of color. If you receive complete color change like you order white but receive black then you can open claim.

Fabric composition

Fabric composition is also a natural reason to fade or bright the color shade. Because each fabric made with different composition of cotton, polyester, rayon. When you request to print a artwork at different product having different composition of fabric then each composition have different effects with colors. So keep in mind same artwork print at different products might not be possible to give same color shades. As well if you buy a t shirt but get different colors of t shirt then change of color variation can cause little change of look. Below we show a white print at different piece of fabric, you can easily understand the matter. 

10 cotton fact
50 cotton 50 polyester fact
50 cotton 25 rayon 25 polyester

Brand composition and Fabric blends

Similarly each brand and fabric blend have different percentage of material thats why same artwork print at different sets branded fabric and di or tri blend fabric can cause little change in shade. To demonstrate more clearly see the white print at different brands fabric. You may notice that there is not big difference between the print. Actually its a natural fact thats why we go through it from customer eye to prevent any conflict. 

color corrections2
color corrections 1
color corrections 5
color corrections 4
color corrections 3

2 Labels facts

“Custom All Over” always use inside labels branding for all the products. We use inside label branding for all over and DTG both products. We offering different mens, womens, kids as well accessories products. We offering different brand’s fabric, each fabric have its own grams square meter value and thickness level. Before placing inside label we ensure inside label must not be shown outside of product like that see below. If you order any product and inside label shows from outside of product then we use satin label of respective brand other wise you receive “Custom All Over” inside label.


T-shirt packing

t shirt packing

T-shirt packing

t shirt packing 1

Touch tool packing

touch tool packing

Sublimation socks packing

sublimation socks packing

Sublimation socks packing

Sublimation socks packing 1



Packaging slip

packaging slip

Packaging slip

packaging slip 1

Caps packing

caps packing

Poster packing triangle box

poster packing triangle box

Poster frame

poster frame 1

Poster frame

poster frame

Poster packing

poster packing 1

Poster packing

poster packing 2

Poster packing

poster packing 3

Poster packing

poster packing 4

Poster packing

poster packing 5

Poster packing

poster packing 6

Phone case packing

phone case packing

T-shirt packing

phone case boxing

Phone case boxing

phone case boxing 1

Engraving bracelets

engraving bracelets

Phone case packing

phone case packing 2

Touch tool packing

touch tool packing

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