Terms Conditions

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All the designs, product pictures, category pictures used in this site are copyrighted by “Custom All Over”.  For designing service customers and visitors are not liable to download any content for display purpose until get permissioned.

Security terms & conditions

All the users and customers are safe to visit, get service and purchase. All about your personal data, payment information is highly encrypted (highly safe). You can change your personal data any time or used for next purchase safely. We use advanced avatars to confirm the apparel product in 3d models and confirm patterns feasibility to offer high end secure product with advanced site policies

Colors terms & conditions

All the colors offered in all the products have pre defined color swatches. The color you see in the product at website, would be same as it is when you open your shipment. All color shades at same fabric would be same physically after print. But one color at different piece of fabric may cause little change in shade.

We are defining this because if you purchase different brand shirt or other product with one design then there may be little effects of shades. Because each brand fabric have different combination of polyester, cotton, spandex or any other manufacturing material. So when we print one design at different combination of fabrics then slight change of shades may occur. 

To avoid that minor change of shades we use pre print color swatches to know how color would be look after print. You can look “Custom All Over” color swatches below. After producing the creative solution we still tell us our customers you must keep this thing in mind before purchase. Moreover you can explore our production facts to get more in depth knowledge about your product.

Content terms & conditions

All the content display for blog, pages, and products is original. And all the features described in product description is original and will be included in final product.

Account terms & conditions

For all users the activity is monitored through advanced systems. Any spam, illegals activity may block your account and IP address in order to provide secure measurements.

Wrong address terms & conditions

Double check your shipping address. Claim against wrong address will not be considered if and only if product not delivered. If product shipped back to our facility then you need to pay shipping again to get your package.

Material terms & conditions

Material defined in all the products will be same in real. Branded labels will be placed at product if define in product description like champion product. Champion “c” logo will be placed in champion products.

Shipping terms & conditions

Your shipping speed and delivery method depends at the option that you selected in cart page. Different region have different delivery and speed option. Shipping speed may be disturb due to COVID 19, holidays, any special emergency. 

Sizing terms & conditions

To get perfect size you need to follow the size guide option that is display in every product description. You must keep in mind claim under size reasons or under international size allowance are hardly expectable because we display all size guides and instruction.

Video content terms & conditions

We have displayed video content to describe product betterly. We just display light color branding you can see the product feature using this video.

Design your own terms & conditions

The product that allows you design your own product then the you are responsible for print out put. For better result your printfile must have 300 dpi resolution.

Production terms & conditions

To maintain product quality and shipping time we shipped product from our customer base regions and manufacture bulk production from Pakistan.

Labeling terms & conditions

To maintain product quality and beauties’ we use inside “Custom All Over” branded label. As well as brand label also use in it just like champion “C” label at sleeve. In case inside label see from outside the label then only tear away tag will be used for respective brand product. You can check this at advanced production facts.

Product price includes only product cost and tax (GST, VAT, Sales tax) with respect to applicable destinations. Shipping is not included in it , you can calculate shipping live at cart page, add interested products and go to cart page, add destination you will get live shipping rates as well delivery time (estimated). Moreover Import fees + duties not included in price, you have handle yourself if applicable. (Live shipping work in case if free shipping not offered).